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Kabutar Safety Nets in Hyderabadkabutar are intended to give safety and well-being at home, protecting children, adults, pets and objects that may fall from height, closing terraces, balconies, windows, doors, stairs, pools, etc.
For families living in units apartements, balconies can be a small backyard, where children can play with paint, playdough and all the messy stuff they love. But children can be in great danger if left alone in an unprotected kabutar, even if for a couple of seconds. Toddlers are extremely curious and fast.
These kabutar security screens are strong transparent nylon thread or colored offering security without compromising the aesthetics of the apartment. They are set to windows, partitions, balconies, stairs and floors providing protection without sacrificing the ventilation and lightness of a modern metalic kabutar fence.

Kabutar Safety Nets in Hyderabad

Kabutar Safety Nets in Hyderabad

Kabutar Safety Nets in Hyderabad

Netting Systems:

  • The material on which it is built.
  • This product would be resistant to sunlight.
  • Moisture and the environmental conditions in which it is exposed.
  • Have resistance tested to traction
  • Both inside and outside the balcony